Cabin Air Filter FAQs

 1) What is the function of Cabin Air Filters?

 In general, CAF is used to filter and purify the air you breath inside the cabin of the vehicle while driving. When CAF is replaced every 12K mile (recommended), it will eliminate 99.5% of harmful pollutants, exhaust smock. Usually, these CAF are located under the glove compartment, under the dash board, under the hood, etc. In addition, CAF will enhance your vehicle HVAC system so the air condition or heat will function to its full capability.

 2) How CAF works?

 CAF is fabricated from woven materials to trap air pollutants. When carbon is added to the surface, it will minimize odor and mildew. CFA is measured by "Dust Load Capacity" (maximum dust collected) and "Pressure Drop" (how much air flows through the filter). The two functions have an inversed relationship: If too much of one function, it will reduce the function of the other.

 3) Why sell Automotive Solutions' CAF?

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